When a Facebook, Uber, or Airbnb of health care looks elusive

Okay, I used these big names in the headline to grab some attention. That said, few would disagree that there’s dire need for such unicorns to emerge in health care so that the benefits of network conditions make health care less expensive, more effective, and above all, participatory in managing chronic illnesses. One could argue […]

Bean counting is fine Mr Modi, but also look at the ‘blue sky’

Every once in a while comes a researcher who by the sheer intensity of his visceral interest in a phenomenon, or a nagging question, changes the course of a discipline. Psychiatrist and bioengineer at Stanford University Karl Deisseroth is one such scientist. Former IISc director P Balaram, while introducing him at the TNQ-Cell Press lecture last […]

If process is product, mustn’t quality be top of strategy in Indian pharma?

  In the tsunami of Bihar election news, a significant development got swept away last weekend. It was the announcement by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories that three of its manufacturing plants in India had received US FDA warning letters. Today, Mint reports that the American regulator has sought third party audit across the pharma company’s entire […]

What’s wrong in govt consulting industry for policies?

  Last week the famous whistle blower in Ranbaxy data fudging case wrote in Scroll that the Indian drug regulator is “inept” in regulating biosimilars, a new class of drugs that have come to dominate the market and will increasingly do so for the next decade.   Dinesh Thakur certainly has a point but it […]

Why Asian and African researchers don’t pursue entrepreneurial dreams

  Earlier this week, at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul, Japanese Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka made a rather funny confession: For a while he suffered from a syndrome which he calls PAD. Post America Depression is a condition most good researchers experience when they leave the thriving and competitive world of American […]

This one needs not X, but Double XPrize

  The 68th session of the World Health Assembly is currently under way in Geneva. Among other things, all the health experts and policy makers will deliberate and announce a global strategy to fight anti-microbial resistance. But before we get to that, let’s look at this case.   At one of the most trusted public […]

Personalizing cancer care, one tumor at a time

When cancer knocks at one’s door, pretty much like a dreaded guest, one doesn’t know the extent of the dread immediately. As the guest settles in, the unpleasantness unravels. It’s somewhat similar feeling with cancer diagnosis. One doesn’t know if it’s a deadly form of cancer and in what stage; what will be the prognosis; […]

Make a Google in India. Sure, but who will cut the first cheque?

  Reading Mohandas Pai’s and Sharad Sharma’s commentary in The Economic Times yesterday, the first thought that came to my mind was aspiring for a global product company from India is almost our birthright but who will write the first cheque.   The two eminent Bangaloreans speak of Google and other global brands. Stanford professor David […]