topimg_23049_romesh_wadhwani_600x400Romesh Wadhwani: The Renaissance Man

After founding and nurturing several companies, Romesh Wadhwani is bringing the same principles and passion to philanthropy


Rohini and Nandan

Rohini & Nandan Nilekani: The Conscious Givers

Rohini and Nandan Nilekani contribute to causes that others may find risky. In doing so, they are nudging the society to look at these issues afresh



FirstAgro: Growing Zero-Pesticide Crops

When even WHO doesn’t seek zero chemical traces, FirstAgro’s ultimate health food has people excited. Can it achieve scale with the speed its customers want it to?


How Nandan Nilekani Took Aadhaar Past The Tipping Point


Despite the Supreme Court’s recent strictures on Aadhaar, Nilekani has ensured that the scheme is now too big and too widely used to be scuttled


Revisiting the Jatropha debate

Less than five years ago, it was like a gold rush when states allocated nearly 1 million hectares of land in India for growing jatropha, which produces biodiesel. But most projects turned out to be slow starters. With crude prices rising and carbon emissions continuing, it’s time to give jatropha a second look.



Medtech giants Philips and GE fight over India

Philips became No. 1 after years of trailing GE in Indian health care. This may change as GE revs up. But both are fighting a battle with their HQs to take the small Indian market seriously




Nova Medical growing with shortstay surgical facilities

Same-day discharge is still a novel concept in Indian health care, but this company’s growth is evidence that it is catching on




Why Fortis’ U-turn Matters


Two of the three biggest global assets are sold and the third, Quality Healthcare in Hong Kong, which was the first international buy for Fortis International when it was floated in October 2010, is up for sale too. When that happens in the near future, Fortis, for all practical purposes, will be back to being an Indian company.



The good thing about big data is you don’t have to start big


Whether it’s the annual ‘hype cycle’ or fog in the users’ mind, Big Data has bumped off cloud computing to top the charts. Werner Vogels, chief technology officer of Amazon and one of the Big Data generators and solution providers, was in Bangalore recently and spoke to Forbes India



ISRO’s very own GPS is getting ready


To ease India’s dependence on America’s GPS and even to some extent on Russia’s Glonass, the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has built its own geo-spatial positioning system, a regional one at that, and called it Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).



Trivitron and the Impending Rise of Medical Technology

With four businesses to boot, why GSK Velu is placing his highest bet on medical technology



Why is Quest Global Changing Lanes


Aerospace companies move from manufacturing to services. But Quest Global has taken the opposite route. Can one feed into the other to beat competition?


What Open Access to sci-tech research can achieve

A global movement is on to make sci-tech research accessible to all. How soon will Indian industry and consumers embrace it?


Why Universal Health Care Remains a Dream

Primary health care delivery needs to reinvent itself. Only then can India aim for universal health coverage



Four solutions for India’s health care sector


Delivering health care to a billion-plus population is very complex. And, like eating a Reese’s, there’s no right way to do it. In the past, Indian entrepreneurs have innovated on several business models that range from frugal to world-class luxury care. A testimony to its success is the fact that citizens spent Rs 1,650 billion, or 3.16 percent of the GDP (in 2011-12), on health care, whereas the government spent only 1.04 percent. In other words, a family of four spends nearly Rs 10,000 per year on health care. With the government once again shirking from committing higher budgets to health care, it is tempting to ask: Since there’s money on the table, can entrepreneurs devise privately financed and privately run universal health coverage? Perhaps all it needs is one disruptive idea to show that it’s possible to design comprehensive care outside the government. We asked four health care industry leaders what it would take to deliver such care and if they’d be willing to take the first steps.


Strand Life Sciences


Why Strand Life Sciences wants doctors to genetically profile patients



The battle within Stem Cells industryStem Cells

Fearing that unscrupulous use may hijack this promising field, stakeholders are racing to regulate its applications. Are they swift enough?




Why Sun Pharma’s Dilip Shanghvi vacated the chairman’s post


Dilip Shanghvi built Sun Pharma into one of the most profitable generic drugs companies in the world. Now, he’s stepped back and brought in Israel Makov to steer Sun into its next growth phase



YK Hamied: Cipla’s One Man Army


YK Hamied has public health on the top of his agenda. In his effort to make drugs affordable, he is not afraid to take on the biggies



Modelling the right power mix for telecom towers



ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan

ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan

How ISRO can join hands with private enterprise

With demand for launches doubling, the space agency wants industry to step up. What will it take for the two sides to pull this off?




How to check the spread of dengue via Mobiles


Research in Kenya to study transmission of malaria could be replicated in India to track dengue


Scientists Turn Entrepreneurs


Academics are beginning to take their research and ideas forward by setting up their own ventures



In Search of Creative Engineers


This company makes special training modules to hone the problem-solving skills of students



A New Kind of Sniffer Dogs


A ‘nose’ that can detect bombs and cardiac disorders



The Little Engine that Saves Fuel


His electronic controllers make engines fuel-efficient. Most gensets now use them



Curing Common Skin Disorders


Vyome Biosciences looks to cure common skin disorders


MK Bhan: Driving Bio-tech Innovation By Taking Governance Outside Government

It is necessary to build a solid governance system, but it should be outside the government, says MK Bhan



HK Mittal: Stepping Up for Startups

HK Mittal, who is keen to convert paper-publishing students and professors into entrepreneurs, wants to cut down on time taken to set up a business in India


An Intel Futurist on What the World of Tomorrow Will Look Like

What kind of future do people want to have? Intel�s futurist Brian Johnson studies that and then helps design chips that make such a future possible


Bird Flu is Back in a Stronger Avataar

New research shows that the H5N1 virus can become contagious. But is the government prepared for a pandemic?


What Went Wrong With the Aakash Tablet

The disastrous Aakash project has expunged India�s dream of developing the world�s cheapest computing device. And questions remain unanswered


Piramal’s Quest for a Blockbuster Drug

When most pharmas are shying away from high-risk drug discovery, Piramal Healthcare is going for it full steam. Has it found a new way?


Beyond Cancer – Handled With Care

As it ventures into multi-specialty care, will HCG be able to keep its personalised touch?


How Open Source Drug Discovery Is Helping India Develop New Drugs

Left to fend for itself, India is now finally developing new drugs on its own


GE’s Mark Little: Innovation Is Never a Straight Line

Mark M Little, director, GE Global Research, says that it is important to stay ahead in the game by thinking big or thinking a decade in advance


Science’s Second Coming to India

There is enough evidence on the ground to indicate that the innovation eco-system has vastly improved in the country. India is ready for a renaissance in innovation



Broad Institute

Vamsi Mootha

Rajiv Doshi, Stanford

Rajiv Doshi

MIT, Harvard

Sangeeta Bhatia

18 Indian Minds Who Are Doing Cutting Edge Work

The wheels have been set in motion to win back some of the finest minds of Indian origin to align forces with their country of origin



Will 2012 Be More Peaceful?

The year 2012 will see change of guard in China, Russia, Mexico, US, France and even Egypt; the Arab Spring is expected to reach Sub-Saharan Africa. Will it all be peaceful? we ask Steven Pinker


Bangalore-based Institute Shows The Way to Innovation

Get in the best scientists, give them creative freedom, and innovation will happen. A scientific institute in Bangalore is showing the way



Mriganka Sur Reveals the Mysteries of The Brain

Neuroscientist Mriganka Sur is deepening our understanding of how the brain works and the ‘mis-wiring’ that causes mental disease


How to ‘Upgrade’ A Country’s Technology

Yigal Erlich, the founding father of Israel’s R&D ecosystem, talks about his country�s experience in fast-tracking innovation



Bt Brinjal and India’s Wake-up Call

With its first biopiracy lawsuit, the country hopes to set a precedent for introducing biotech crops while conserving biodiversity and local community rights


The Rebirth of Stem Cells

Stephen Minger at GE is betting on cellular therapy to change the industry�s thinking



Glenmark’s R&D Gamble

With Indian pharma companies willing to cash out, is Glenn Saldanha India�s best bet for a home-grown drug?


Can Space Elevators Be a Reality in 2100? Michio Kaku Answers

Yes, says physicist Michio Kaku. As can human-friendly artificial intelligence


Minds Returning to India

Can Indian-origin scientists in the US help India improve its research and development, and innovation capabilities?


Tata Chemicals’s New Formula

The 72-year-old company is making a strategic shift from just chemicals to water purification and products that promote health and wellness


Aids at 30 – Down But Not Out

Thirty years after being identified, the HIV infection rate has declined, but when will we have a vaccine to nail the virus?


They’re Making Car Parking Easier

Soon, when you drive to a mall, all you might have to do is punch a card to park your car. Bid adieu to long queues and wasted fuel


IBM’s Adoption Plan

The behemoth is picking up fledgling, innovating firms through a structured system to provide solutions in diverse areas, and not miss the bus, again


A Shot of India: The Vaccine Market

Big pharma is looking for immunity from a fall in revenues as blockbuster drugs go off patent. They are finding it in Indian vaccine makers


Maharaj Kishan Bhan Aims For a New Bio Culture

India’s biotech messiah is bringing together doctors, researchers and companies to drive innovation in farming and health care


CSIR Goes For A New Patenting Model

India’s premier science council has realised the Western model of patenting doesn�t work here


Book Review: Geek Nation

How Indian Science is Taking Over the World


ISRO’s Dead End in Space

Just like some of its rockets, India�s space agency is losing direction. By being more open, it can begin to stop the slide


Ravi Venkatesan: Wish We had Responded to Innovation Sooner

Ravi Venkatesan, outgoing chairman of Microsoft India, tells Forbes India that his biggest regret is that he will not be a part of the big wave that will hit India in the next 18 months


India Wants to Catch the Nanoelectronics Revolution

India realises it can�t afford to miss the unfolding revolution in nanoelectronics. It has already made its move with two incubation centres


Forecast: A Clear, Cloudy Day In Cyber Space

Modern businesses need ways to stay nimble and light. Owning tonnes of hardware is not one of them. The time for cloud computing has arrived


Hardware Services: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Hardware companies like HP and Dell are turning into service providers to shore up dwindling profits. And India will be their proving ground


Pink Alert: How Real Is The Threat of Breast Cancer?

Advocacy groups routinely urge women in their 40s to have regular mammograms. But experts question their utility



When Math Becomes Fashionable


The Smart Solution



Yahoo-Bing Alliance: It’s showtime says Yahoo CTO


Black and White facts about little known vitiligo



NII scientists develop ultra long-lasting insulin



We want to see the first objects formed after the Big Bang: John C Mather

Missing puzzle piece in AIDS vaccine research–A-piece-of-the-puzzle-is-missing.html

Why this man is ready to take on the world


Micro-machines have arrived. Who’ll get them to market?


Study offers hope for inherited mental retardation



Scientists use synthetic genome to create life

TCS innovation network awaits its Siebel moment



Health diplomacy’s soft power



Study shows eight genetic variants of diabetes in Indians



India makes thin film solar cell leap



Why a made-in-India chip remains chimeric



Parkinson’s may not remain an old-age disease in India



Naco’s apathy riles biotech entrepreneur


Early human settlers used southern coastal India to enter Asia



Taking on global med-tech players


AIDS scheme on track says Naco but hurdles remain

Virus may hold key to chronic fatigue syndrome


Chimps may not be our closest ancestors



All Indians have some north-south in them


Shantha’s story is that of Indian biotechnology


Nobel laureates: People expect too much from us


Bureaucracy, glass ceiling queer pitch for India’s women scientists


Do you really need sunscreen?


Scientists inch closer to cracking IndusValley script


Are low-cost computing initiatives coming of age?


Losses, exits roil biotech poster firm


India’s biotech poster firm in trouble



India ranks second in kidney transplants from live donors



Love in the time of neuroscience


Decoding the cold bug: Why most drugs don’t work



Does cord blood banking hold a future


Genetic mutation behind heart failure risk of 45 mn Indians



Scientists find genetic cause of heart muscle disease in Indians



Leroy Hood: In some ways the biotech industry has grown up with me


Low Vitamin-D levels putting Indians at risk of bone disorder


No helping hand for those headed home


Tata out to prove its EKA supercomputer really means business



A rush for biotech parks but will they all bloom


CNR Rao: The Right Chemistry–The-right-chemistry.html


1 million smokers will die every year


Biological drug testing gathers dust



The great Indian cancer drug rush


Pumping Punjab Dry



TV whitespace networks get smart


New technology to trap killer sparks



Architect of India’s Thorium reactor: Ratan Kumar Sinha


Curcumin: From exotic spice to modern drug?


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