When a Facebook, Uber, or Airbnb of health care looks elusive

Okay, I used these big names in the headline to grab some attention. That said, few would disagree that there’s dire need for such unicorns to emerge in health care so that the benefits of network conditions make health care less expensive, more effective, and above all, participatory in managing chronic illnesses. One could argue […]

How Influential are you on Facebook, Twitter?

If you are a Facebook denizen, or a Twitter aficionado, you are in for some surprises. Gender and age dynamics run deep, perhaps deeper than you thought, on social networks. If you are a guy, take heart: Men are 49 percent more influential than women. Women, take comfort in the fact that you are able […]

Will Facebook (Fiasco) Bring Back Sheen on Other Tech Startups?

To begin with, I am not a disgruntled Facebook investor, several of whom are suing the company, Nasdaq and Morgan Stanley. Ever since the historic opening on Nasdaq last Friday, the brutal analysis of  Facebook’s fall from grace is relentless and writers are tearing apart its management of (social) media strategy, with an opinion piece […]