Is Philips as innovative as it wants you to believe it is?

  If there’s one word that describes what Philips India showcased on Thursday at its global media onsite in Bangalore, it’s “schizophrenic”. Not the medical condition that we all know of, but the business management tenet that Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter thinks companies should have in order to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment. […]

Philips Wakes up to Reverse Innovation

It was sort of a report-card day for Wido Menhardt, the chief executive of Philips Innovation Centre (PIC) in Bangalore on Friday. A little over two years into this role, he was showcasing some of the technologies and products that were developed “in India, for India”, a tagline that has, frankly speaking, begun to sound […]

Indians Innovate, but does India Innovate?

It’s a provocative question, I admit. And those who swear by examples of frugal engineering that India has championed would scoff at it. And if you know that JC Bose was the first in the Indian sub-continent to be granted a US patent in 1904, and that the first Indian scientist to start a company […]