Bean counting is fine Mr Modi, but also look at the ‘blue sky’

Every once in a while comes a researcher who by the sheer intensity of his visceral interest in a phenomenon, or a nagging question, changes the course of a discipline. Psychiatrist and bioengineer at Stanford University Karl Deisseroth is one such scientist. Former IISc director P Balaram, while introducing him at the TNQ-Cell Press lecture last […]

Reputation Race in Higher Education is Getting Bigger, but is it Getting Better?

The university ranking system is getting bigger every year. More institutions are added, more heart burns are caused, more browbeating happens, more student lives are touched, and so on. But the question is: Is it getting better? The year-on-year rankings have created a race, maybe some sort of an anxiety syndrome, where institutions strive to […]

How About a National Entrepreneurship Mission, Led by Nandan Nilekani?

As I was reporting and researching for this special report (Forbes India issue dated March 2) I was pleasantly surprised by the extent of thinking, and even action, that’s going on world over to get lab research out of the academic papers onto the market, and into people’s hands. Perhaps what economist Tyler Cowen last […]

Is Medical Technology Coming of Age in India?

One way, though not the surest, to gauge the maturity of emerging technologies is to follow the venture money. So when I heard Sudhir Sethi, founder chairman and managing director of IDG Ventures India, say that his next investment, to close very soon, is going to be in a medical device company, I wasn’t surprised. […]